I am the host and creator of the Jewish History Matters podcast, a forum for in-depth discussion and coverage of new research and enduring debates about Jewish history and culture from an interdisciplinary and global perspective. Since 2018, the podcast has published over 70 episodes and has been downloaded over 120,000 times.

I am a firm believer that history matters—that understanding the past and how we got to the present is crucial in order to understand the context of our lives and the possibilities of the future. It’s especially true for Jewish history, and the podcast is an exercise in helping push myself and other scholars to explain what research in the field has to contribute to broad social, political, and other issues.

The podcast is both a means for scholars and students to stay abreast of the wide range of work going on in the fields of Jewish studies, and also helps make Jewish studies topics relevant and comprehensible for a broad educated public, thereby contributing to an online public sphere.

Listen to Jewish History Matters at www.jewishhistory.fm.